Vanness wu dating

04-Dec-2017 11:47

Hence, Arissa was said to often go out partying with her friends, and disregarded Vanness’ feelings.An insider said that although Vanness and Arissa often quarrelled, Vanness was reluctant to end his marriage because of his religion.According to Taiwanese media, the reason why Vanness is still holding on to his marriage is because of his faith.Vanness and Arissa had an on-off relationship in their 7 years of dating.33 year-old Vanness and 29 year-old Arissa first met 5 years ago when she filmed his My Kingdom MV back in 2006. Then they got back together in April 2010, but reportedly broke up again 5 months later because Vanness “vowed to abstain from sex before marriage” as a devoted Christian.

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I always knew it would be for her."The couple took a pragmatic approach to the ups and downs of a love story.Here's more from Appledaily: It turns out that Van Ness Wu’s “new girlfriend” isn’t so new after all.