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She remembers hunching over school books, cramming for her eighth-grade exams.

She recalls hearing bursts of tear gas shells coming from the local market.

They were triggered by the killing of Burhan Wani, a young rebel commander who had joined an underground network of separatist guerillas.

Wani was an icon and a social media star with thousands of online followers.

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Monty James is a mechanic with three daughters: 5- year old China, 7 - year old Lauryn and 12 - year old Sierra, who dreams of owning his own shop.

His death sent shockwaves through India's only Muslim-majority state. She had just gone to get her brother.""Use of disproportionate force is a problem, crowd control is a problem," he admitted.

Angry protesters flooded the streets, throwing rocks at security forces and demanding independence."She had gone out to bring her brother home because there was firing and fighting going on," Banu told Al Jazeera. "We want to create an atmosphere where we should not use it.

GRANVILLE, OH—Convening at their hometown bar to grab a drink and catch up on things, a group of old high school friends reportedly met up on Thursday as per their yearly tradition of saying the names of their former classmates.

WASHINGTON—Saying the method yields positive results almost immediately, a coalition of leading therapists said Thursday that most of the personal issues people experience could be resolved if they would simply stop being so weird all the time.

It should be the last resort because it's not for human beings."But activists and political leaders have accused the government of being disingenuous.