Dating and vacations

12-Nov-2017 20:09

It's that warm feeling you get when come home and gush to your friends and family that the only thing better than the trip was being there with him.Here's how your vacation with him tells you if he'll make a great husband.When your plane is delayed, he doesn't freak out or act like an episode of “Snapped” (if only you could say the same for yourself).If you two get lost on a side street, he turns it into an exciting adventure of finding your way back.It's like a trial run — if marriage meant eloping in Hawaii or Mexico and living with staff and beach cabanas.

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Megan fondly recalls a romantic whirlwind trip abroad in 2006 with her then-boyfriend. “I was straight out of school, and he did make significantly more money than me,” notes Megan, an East Village resident who asked to not use her last name (for fear of intimidating future boyfriends).