Aniweather not updating

13-Nov-2017 22:09

Ani Weather is now available for both i Phone and i Pad.Learn more from: Weather animates weather information for locations around the world. Weather information in appealing animations (view a live demo at Check the weather of over 77,000 locations worldwide4. (US only) A rich set of graphic reports (radar, satellite, alerts, etc.)6. Fully customizable to fit your preference (temperature unit, location list, and much more)More information at add-ons ask for permission to perform certain functions.When you tap the star icon, you’ll be taken to your listing of favorite tweaks.

I then tried to drag and drop the icons to the status bar with no success.The default location is New York, which can be changed in the options.By default the current and projected weather conditions are displayed in the selected Firefox toolbar.Solutions: There is a suspicious Firefox bug where certain changes in the toolbar/statusbar might not be updated timely. In the mean time, restart Firefox will clear the issue. Solutions: Ani Weather uses a web based configuration system for enhanced user experience and timely update.

In order to launch the configuration page: Problem: I messed things up and don't know what to do Solutions: Don't worry.

Ani Weather animates weather information for locations around the world.